Avtron Encoders

Nidec Industrial Solutions (NIS) develops, produces and sells top-quality American-engineered Avtron Encoders for industrial applications worldwide.

Avtron Manufacturing Inc. was established in 1953 to provide valuable test solutions to the aerospace industry, and we began developing our feedback devices in 1964 with a total focus on reliability. We are driven to maximize customer uptime, which is manifested in the durability of our designs and the responsiveness of our service. Avtron Encoders are the world’s largest-selling brand of heavy and harsh-duty encoders. We sell to a wide range of industries from paper mills to metals, mining, wind power and oil & gas drilling. Anywhere an encoder failure would cost money and downtime, you need an Avtron Encoder.

We proudly mark every one of our encoders with our Avtron Encoders brand symbolizing quality, reliability, service and value. Avtron Encoders are far more durable than competitive units. They feature cast aluminum housings, potted electronics, and oversized bearings. For maximum reliability select our modular models with no bearings at all and Wide-Gap technology. Avtron magnetic sensors also increase reliability by being impervious to the dirt, dust, oil and liquids that disable optical encoders. Every Avtron Encoder is 100% tested – not sampled or randomly selected. Some Avtron models have experienced over 4,500,000 hours Mean-Time-Between-Failure in outdoor applications!

We back our encoders with 24/7/365 no-charge engineering technical support (in English) to ensure you can get the help you need, when you need it.

Benefits: • Your production line and machinery will work longer • Impacts, liquids and dust won’t stop your machine and process • Reduce unplanned downtime • Slash Mean-Time-to-Diagnose and Repair

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Business/Quality System Certifications

NIS’ Business Management System is certified to ISO 9001, the International Standard for Quality Management Systems; ATEX (94/9/EC Directive & EN13980) and IECEx (OD-005-1) applicable to select encoder products. The scope of our certification includes the design, development, manufacture and service of digital control systems including: electrical AC, DC and SR drives and encoder products.

Since its inception in 1953, Avtron Encoders’ foundation has been firmly rooted in its commitment to quality. Avtron Manufacturing originally achieved certification to ISO 9000 in 1996 and since that time we have expanded the scope of our system while successfully maintaining our certification. Our comprehensive Business Management System incorporates or exceeds all imposed requirements and provides guidance and direction for NIS’ employees in support of our organizational commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and continual improvement. Lean initiatives on the manufacturing floor and within the office environment have been integrated into our culture resulting in both value and assured quality for our customers.

ISO 9001 Certificate

ATEX Product Quality Assurance Notice (PQAN)

IECEx Quality Assessment Report (QAR)

Acquisition of Avtron Industrial Automation including Avtron Encoders

On October 1, 2012, Avtron Industrial Automation was acquired by Nidec and is now part of NIS. Nidec is a global manufacturer of motors and electrical controls systems. With nearly 70 years of heavy industry experience, Avtron Encoders plays an important role in Nidec’s ACIM (Appliance, Commercial, and Industrial Motor) business growth in the Americas. NIS will continue to brand its encoders and drive products with the Avtron Encoders logo.

About Nidec

Founded in 1973, Nidec is a manufacturer and distributor of electric motors and related components and equipment with headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. The company provides discrete and variable speed motors and pumps, electronic motor controls and other electronic components. Nidec comprises over 170 consolidated and affiliated subsidiaries, with over 100 manufacturing and sales locations in 25 countries with more than 107,000 employees. Learn more about Nidec at http://www.nidec.com