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Encoder Cable Assemblies

  • Incremental and absolute cable assemblies
  • Assemblies available with many connectors including: MIL MS 6, 7, & 10 pin, Mini TW 10 pin, Industrial EPIC, M12 and M23, and flying leads.
  • Custom lengths available in increments of 5 ft
  • Shielded and twisted pairs for improved signal quality
  • Ultra-low capacitance option available
  • Up to 2000 ft of continuous cable possible
  • Rated up to 105° C optional
  • 1 Year No-Hassle Warranty
  • CE and UL Listed*

Using a low quality cable in your encoder application can mean the difference between clear, reliable signal quality and weak, distorted signal. To ensure your encoder can produce the best signal possible in any application, Avtron offers high quality cables and connectors in a number of different variations and options!

For incremental encoders, all Avtron cables are shielded and have twisted pairs for the best signal possible. For cable runs longer than 100 feet, our special ultra-low capacitance cable is used so that your signal stays strong. Bulk cables can be ordered in lengths up to 2000 ft. and are offered with a variety of different connector options, including: 6 pin, 7 pin, & 10 pin MS, 10 pin TW, 8 pin M12, industrial EPIC, and more.

Avtron also offers an expansive catalogue of absolute cables in an assortment of communication protocols such as: Analog, Devicenet, CANopen, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet IP, SSI, and plenty more! We also offer cables that support all your functions, from power to daisy chain to encoder communication.

Next time you buy an Avtron Encoder, pair your purchase with one of our high quality cable assemblies!

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Incremental Cables

    High Temp. Cable
22 AWG, 5 pairs, 7X30 stranding, Tinned Copper
           Insulation: PVC
           Outer Jacket: 0.035" pressure extruded PVC jacket
           Overall Cable Diameter: 0.325"
           Operating Temperature: -40° C to +105° C

           Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Conductor: 35 pF/ft
           UL NEC: CM        UL CEC: CMG

    Ultra-Low Capacitance Cable
18 AWG, 1 pair, 19X30 TC SR PVC; 22 AWG, 4 pairs, 7X30 stranding TC
            Insulation: FPE
           Outer Jacket: 0.035-0.055" pressure extruded PVC jacket
           Overall Cable Diameter: 0.430"
           Operating Temperature: -30° C to +80° C

           Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Conductor: 12 pF/ft\
           UL AWM Style 2517        UL NEC/CEC: CM

    Outer Shield: Overall aluminum mylar shield & tinned copper braid
    Outer Sh

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